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Alicia H

Our trip has come to a close but I am so grateful I was able to be here. We provided medical care, medical supplies, soccer balls, and clothes. But our trip was… so much more than just a medical mission. These people taught us things that no one would expect. The way they smile and appreciate others is inspiring. They don’t need much to enjoy life and make the best of it. I am thankful for SAME because it gives me the opportunity to experience something I never thought I would get to do. I am so proud of everyone that came on this trip because every one of them helped change a life in some way. I cannot wait to come back.

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Zachary E

As our time in the Philippines has officially come to an end, many of us who embarked on this medical mission have come to see the world in a whole new light and have grown tremendously. Our mission was remarkable and brought so much good to a community that hurt so much. There is no greater feeling than that of their gratitude. @same4asiahealth

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Yvette N

S.A.M.E. has granted me with countless magical moments throughout the trip. First, I was able to experience time travel by leaving LAX Friday night and arrivin…g in the Philippines Sunday morning. Instantly after collecting my luggage and seeing all the medical boxes that would be used and donated, an overwhelming feeling of excitement of all the wonderful people that can be helped with these boxes surrounded me. And we did help many extraordinary people… With the supplies brought over, I and the rest of S.A.M.E. were able to learn and check blood pressure, glucose levels, and how to diagnose patients. As a result, we were able to provide the patients with the medications they needed. However, the enchanting moments were more than what we would consider in America a “routine visit.” It was the fact that we did this under canopies surrounded by numerous smiling filipinos that were so thankful for us just to be there. It was connecting with these people, hearing their stories & seeing their willingness to teach us about their lives and culture that was spellbinding. I was taught by filipino dentists how to properly pull out teeth and was allowed to do a few on my own. I observed the miracle of a natural birth at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital with a midwife by the woman’s side. I was blessed with meeting a little boy named Mason who constantly had a smile on his face, even though things at home were not good. He did not only comfort the other boys by holding their hands during the circumcisions that we were taught how to do and were able to perform, but he was so smart. He would observe us and get the instruments that he knew we needed. Furthermore, we walked through rivers and a jungle to visit a tribe in the mountains that ate porridge with banana leaves and got to see how much joy slippers, shorts, and crayons brought the children and adults. I was able to cool down with fresh mangos and coconut (which was placed in a plastic bag for me to sip on). I got to experience traditional filipino foods such as, lechon and halo- halo. I left the Philippines Easter Sunday at 7 pm and got out of LAX Easter Sunday at 7 pm, starting my day pretty much where I left off. However, I was with my family, thinking of the friends I’ve made in the Philippines as well as the ones I made in S.A.M.E. It was definitely a life-changing trip for me and one I would definitely do again. I think everyone should experience the magical moments S.A.M.E. arranged at least once in their lifetime.

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Jaya G

I’m sitting here at the airport, waiting to get on board the plane to get back home, yet my heart also knows this land I’m on right now is also my home.. After …all home is where the heart is, and I think I’ve left a little bit of it here in the Philippines, especially after this trip that I am so lucky to have been a part of. Many people in this country don’t have the opportunity to even get on a plane, yet here I am, waiting to fly back to America for what seems like the billionth time. I’ve been to so many places, yet many people here only dream and hope to go to America one day. I know I’m privileged and so so very lucky, but I’m also very humbled. I’ve lived in the Philippines before and I’ve returned countless times, but this trip, with SAME, has been the most eye-opening. I’ve witnessed how badly run-down the hospitals are, how so so many people need medical attention but can’t because they’re short on money, and it’s made me realize just how unfair it is that I, and the people of first-world countries turn their backs on those in the third world. We like to think that if it’s not our country, it’s not our problem. Yet I’m also a part of THIS country because I was born here and lived here for the first 5-6 years of my life, so why shouldn’t I care even though I live in another country? I know I should care because they’re humans like us, who need much more help than us. We get money, food, jobs, opportunities, medical attention on silver plates and they have to suffer and go through so much just to get some of that. This trip has made me realize so much about my birth country and has made me grow so much as a person; I want to be able to help MY people because I shouldn’t be the only one getting the benefits of necessities. They need it more than we do, and I’m so glad to have been part of such a great group and organization who see that.

Thanks so much to these lovely people and this organization for letting me be a part of this great experience ❤❤ till next time!

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Koko N

Huge THANK YOU to @same4asiahealth and this group of individuals for giving me the opportunity to help others while also helping myself. Also, a special thank you to Filipino medical professionals and friends we met on this mission. These brilliant people worked so hard to provide phenomenal compassion and care to those in dire need. Over the past 10 days they enabled us to help diagnose and treat hundreds of patients. The experience and additional education was simply pricel…ess. We extracted teeth, witnessed child birth, provided injections, examined suspected cases of diabetes, aided and performed minor surgeries, and more but most importantly: applied everything we have been taught to help improve the lives of others. It was an unforgettable blessing I will remember for the rest of my life. One more cheers for the SAME team being home. Looking forward to many more!

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Melissa M

We just accomplished an extremely successful medical mission trip! We performed surgeries, experienced child birth, triaged then diagnosed, distributed medications, gave public health supplies to an indigenous Filipino tribe and made friends of a life time with local children and families. Your help was needed and much appreciated by all those who lives you touched. Thank you to all the medical volunteers who went on this adventure. There will be more to come!